The GSMA logo is a very valuable asset. It’s the most visible element of our identity and our global signature used across all communications, so we need to treat it right.

GSMA logo


  • The logo’s primary colours are black and Pantone 185C.
  • The full colour logo is available in various formats and file types.
  • Use the file type that is best suited to the media being used.
  • Use CMYK files for printed materials and RGB files for digital media.


  • Use the greyscale logo in media only where full colour printing isn’t an option.
  • Don't reproduce the greyscale logo in any other colour than black.


  • Use the mono logo in media where full colouror printing tints of black aren’t an option (e.g. in screen printing or where the logo needs to be embossed onto a surface).
  • In some cases, this version should be used to indicate that the GSMA is partnering in a third-party activity (see section on 'Dual branding').
For accurate reproduction, colours should be checked against the appropriate PANTONE® colour swatches. The colours shown throughout this document have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE® Color Standards. Consult current PANTONE® Publications for accurate colour. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

Programme and initiative logos

For a copy of the Programmes logos please email

Event branding

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Use the logotype wherever our web address appears as an element outside of running body copy. Examples include videos, brochures and pop-up banners.