Our identity is defined by a strong typographic style using two main typefaces, Gotham and Heroic. A number of corresponding weights are available for each, allowing for a full range of creative expression. 
Give the typography attitude!
Be original and experimental!

Primary typeface


Gotham is clean, modern and easy to read, and used throughout all GSMA corporate material. The many versions and weights of Gotham allow our materials to be either bold and strong or quieter and restrained.


Primary typeface

Gotham Narrow

Primary typeface - Chinese documents


When creating Chinese materials, use Source Han Sans. Source Han Sans contains the full Chinese character set and provides a clean, modern appearance for our communications.

Secondary typeface

Heroic Condensed

Heroic Condensed is reserved for charts and graphs to provide pace and differentiation.


Secondary typeface

Industry Inc

Industry Inc is a layered type system based on the bold uppercase style of the Industry family. GSMA has three defined layer systems shown here. The typeface should be paired with Gotham and used sparingly to create a big visual impact. Example applications include posters, document covers, headlines and displays

How the layered system works:
Start with your lowest layer, then duplicate it and change the new one to the next style and color. Repeat as needed. Order is important, but the numder of layers is up to you.

Digital applications


Use Proxima Nova on the GSMA main website and microsites. Use Arial in applications like PowerPoint and email where Gotham isn’t generally available.